Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child take this product with prescription medication?

We cannot give out advice regarding an individual’s prescription medication. 

How big are the capsules and chewables?


How long does it take to see benefits from On Task?

Most of our customers notice a difference between two and six weeks.   Everyone is different, some see positve changes in three weeks, others in two months.  Many pharmacies that provide vitamins to treat people for various problems recommend a three month period to allow your body to build up the proper nutrients it may be lacking.  On TaskTM   must be taken daily to see benefits.  Some of the benefits we have heard include: increased ability to process instruction, calmer demeanor, desire to read, better performance in school, increased concentration and focus, improved eating habits, improved sensory issues (sight/sound), decrease in OCD type behaviors, decrease in outbursts, reduction in tics, reduction in constipation, help with skin issues (eczema, black circles under eyes) and allergies, more compliance, less anxiety and depressed behavior,  more maturity and appropriate age based behavior, and many others.  Please let us know any changes you see!     

 Is there a weight based dosage for the product?

No, the two tablet per day recommendation corresponds to the % Daily Values (% DV) information which is for ages 4 and up.

 Is On Task made in the U.S.A?

Yes!  Due to the fact that so many vitamins are being made overseas with very limited oversight, it was very important to us to have this product made in the United States in an FDA inspected facility.

 When is the best time to take On Task?

We recommend that you take two tablets with breakfast.  You may take one with breakfast and one with lunch or dinner  if it is more convenient with your child’s schedule.  It may be helpful to chew the tablets then drink water or juice or eat a piece of fruit or other snack afterwards.  These are extremely difficult vitamins and minerals to taste mask, which is why you will not find a comparable product, but our manufacturer has done an amazing job.

Is On Task available in stores?

We are currently not in stores.  You must order online to get On Task.  If you live in the Austin area, you may pick up a bottle directly from us.