“You are changing lives at this school.” – Elementary School Counselor*

“Thank you for making On Task available to the general public. Our 6-year-old was never diagnosed with anything, but we always knew something was a little off about his behavior. This became much more obvious when he started school this year and couldn't sit still, had a hard time listening to instructions, and couldn't focus on his assignments. Eventually, his teacher recommended special educational help for his inability to write, but we had a suspicion it had more to do with his focusing issues than his fine motor skills. It was around this time that we started On Task. Two months later, the school is still working on their evaluations, but his teacher has noticed such an improvement in behavior and handwriting that she agrees that he no longer needs the help! We were having the same behavioral problems at home, along with severe tantrums at least once a week. These tantrums have also disappeared, which has made things so much easier on all of us. He is able to think logically even when emotionally stressed! Again, thank you so much. It is wonderful to have something that helps him without taking away any of his amazing, smart, and funny personality."*

“This product has been AMAZING for my son. I have told everyone who will listen how wonderful it is and what a differance it makes in our lives...Thank you so much for this miracle. It has changed our lives.”*

“This product has been a miracle for our family. ----'s IEP in June stated how he was unable to concentrate, he was impulsive, he needed help to properly engage with his peers. After OnTask....we got a note home yesterday from his teacher inviting us to an award ceremony this Friday because ---- will be receiving a special award for the first quarter called the BACKPACK AWARD, which is awarded to the student who always comes to school ready to learn and always tried their best. I went from leaving preschool shaking my head and in tears in what we can do to help his PDD, to being a parent invited to the Kindergarten award ceremony. Amazing. Just amazing!”*

“There has been a dramatic difference! Now I am really sure she does need those vitamins. Yesterday at bedtime when sitting with her and giving her a hug I noticed that she was really relaxed. Usually she hugs people too hard and won't let go, and it is hard to sit next to her because of all her fidgeting and tension. But she was calm. And when I was tucking her into bed she yawned -- I can't remember the last time I saw her yawn at bedtime! Usually she is bouncing off the walls. She also got ready for school in a timely manner this morning. So, success. Thank you for doing to heavy lifting for the rest of us with regard to researching and developing this vitamin. It is really a life saver!”*

“*** is 11 years old (5th grade) and has struggled in school since the 3rd grade. She is very sweet, polite, social and "all-girl". Her issues were concentration and staying on task. We have struggled over the years to find solutions to help her. We have had many counseling sessions with the school, taken her to Doctors and engaged Tutors to help. In addition, and despite our reluctance, we put her on medication for about 1-month. WOW was this a huge learning curve for us. While her school work improved, we did not recognize ***. She had traumatic and dramatic mood swings and was generally unbearable at home in the evenings. Even her friends noticed the change and suggested they wanted the old *** back...
Fast forward - I order the On Task vitamins and immediately see improvement. Her grades have been steady A's and B's (up from C's and occasionally worse). Her ability to concentrate during schools hours is vastly improved and verified by her teachers.
Anyway, we are thrilled with what we have seen with the On Task Vitamins.”*

“Both his teacher and speech therapist asked me if I was medicating him. The speech therapist has seen big improvement in his concentration and told me that she even documented his improvement. His school teacher has seen a big difference in his behavior. Also, his frequent stomach aches have disappeared.”*

“wow. so my wife, who is 26, has TS and anxiety disorders. Shes been on these for like..2 weeks, and her anxiety has gone down drasticly”*

“My child is reading words…and I have no words…this is a great opportunity to let out a breath and do a happy dance. I can’t thank you enough”*

“My daughter's quote of the day about another child, 'Uhoh, somebody's crying because they did not take their On Task!”*

“This is helping my grandson so much!”*

“My son had rage, anger incidents. Since starting the On Task, he has not had one of those incidents. He has not blown up once and is even calm about starting school. My husband thinks there is a 100% difference. It takes the stress off my life. You are doing a good thing and I'm so glad I found you!”*

“My son has ODD, OCD and ADHD. This stuff does wonders. It is a tremendous product. We're sleeping through the night, much calmer, have none of the anger outbursts, nail biting or hair pulling.”*

“It's been absolutely incredible the way his behavior has changed.”*

“The teacher says she is focusing better.”*

“I'm amazed because I'm actually seeing results. I got a note from his teacher on day 11, saying he is doing amazing and really staying focused. This has helped tremendously. God Bless you and your wife!”*

“For the first time, I feel like I'm me!”*

“These have made such a difference for him. We ran out on vacation for three weeks and OH MY GOSH he was a different child. We aren't going to let that happen again.  Thank you for doing this and making it easier for all of us.”*

“i love your product!...My daughter has been on it for 3 weeks and I have seen a big change in her behavior at school. She is more calm. Thank You for making a product that is natural & no side effects!!!.”*

“I am making it my mission to let other parents of special needs kids out there with ADHD symptoms know THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE THAT WORKS! My son was diagnosed with Aspergers in Feb of 2010 and since then it has been utterly a fight to beat the teacher's demand for him to be medicated with dangerous drugs. ADHD is considered co-morbid with Aspergers and well, just part of the pckg. When I put him on these vitamins everyone noticed the difference. Suddenly he started answering questions about his day and so forth rather than them going unacknowledged, he stopped sing-song stimming, he could control his impulses better INCLUDING the outbursts.”*

“ ...he has been on it a month and the school and I both notice a big difference!! Thank you so much for coming up with this!!.”

“ ...If not all his tourrette syndrome stuff comes out. We were waiting to (re)order til I got paid..and already back within a week he's started to struggle with ADD, he has his twitches back, and has been rough to deal with. Just put in an order today. Lesson learned, OTN is a LOT higher of a priority than I thought it'd ever become..”*

“My kid was placed on a Speech and Behavioral IEP at the end of kindergarten. His speech and his behavior often kept him from doing well in school although he is very bright. He started taking On Task Naturally at the beginning of this school year. His teacher who also had him in 1st grade commented before the end of his 1st semester of this school year (2nd grade) that he had done a 180 degree turn from the previous year. She talked about how much of a difference she has seen in his behavior this year. Today he was dismissed from Exceptional Education and his speech and behavior IEPs have been completed. During the meeting both his teacher and his principal commented on how much progress he has made this school year and he has been on the Honor Roll all year. With the work of our family, his, and the On Task Naturally we have accomplished a great milestone.”*

“My son is a great kid with lots of energy, but he also had angry outbursts, behavioral problems at school. I was unwilling to put him on any sort of medication but was at my wits end as to how to help him. He was adopted and I had been reading an adoption book about kids and behavioral problems. In the book it mentioned that kids that were given doses of magnesium, zinc, and B vitamins, behaviors improved… I could see so much potential in him, but it seemed he couldn’t settle his mind and body down enough to enjoy friendships with kids his age, finish tasks at home, and get along at school and in social situations. He was impulsive and did things without thinking. He always felt bad about his impulsive reactions after the fact, but it just seemed like he couldn’t help himself. Tearfully, one evening unable to sleep, I began searching the web for any kind of information that could help my son. I came upon on task naturally and was so excited with what I read! It was so hopeful to see Chris’s story and all the research that had been done! Your web page was informative and just made sense. It also fit with what I had read in my adoption book a year before! I immediately ordered the vitamins. Within 2 weeks of Avery taking the vitamins, I saw improvements in his behavior. I couldn’t believe it!! He was calm, more focused, he did better at school and in social situations. He seemed happier and more confident.
One week he went without his vitamins and his teacher called me and told me he had become a little aggressive and impulsive. We immediately started him back on the vitamins!! Within the week I asked the teacher how he was doing and she told us he had a great week! Was calm, happy, helpful and she enjoys having him in her class!! Now we NEVER miss a day!! Thank you a million times for all the research and effort you put in to this product and helping others!!! It is changing people’s lives!!”*

“This product has been AMAZING for my son. I have told everyone who will listen how wonderful it is and what a differance it makes in our lives.”*

“ My 10-year old son has been taking On Task for five weeks and he has made tremendous gains. He’s able to express his thoughts more clearly and actually listens to reason rather than freaking out when faced with a challenge. The best part of all is that the neighbourhood kids have noticed a difference. Before On Task, — had problems interacting and socializing with the other boys on the street. There was always drama! Now the boys want to play with — …This stuff rocks!”*

“We have seen such a tremendous difference with his adhd and behavior. He is focusing better and the impulsive behavior is 95% better. The anxiety, hyperactivity, the tics have decreased. It definitely works. This is like a miracle for my son.”*

“we are already seeing a HUGE improvement. He is calmer, eats better, doesn’t have so many outbursts and seems to be focusing a lot easier..”*

“The vitamins sure are helping my son. They are not turning him into a perfect angel, but he is at least developing a sense of self-control and thinking before acting. I think what I appreciate the most about the vitamins is that they allow my son to still be himself, full of energy and personality, and give him the chance to make good choices.”*

“We started him in TaiKwonDo, and, FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!!, he was engaged in the class and paid attention to the instructor the ENTIRE TIME. He’s never done that before. I nearly fell off my chair.”*

“The teacher called me to tell me that he has been focusing so well on his school work.”*

“My child went from mediocre behavior scores to outstanding behavior scores.”*

“I have been so productive at work lately. It has to be the vitamins, I just feel so much better overall!”*

“I need more On Task! We ran out and ***** is forgetting and misplacing things at school again.”*

“I have to tell you this because my pediatrician thinks I’m crazy but I know it’s the On Task. *** actually reads in the car on the way home from school, he has never done that before. His grades are much improved and we don’t have to tell him 5 times to get ready in the morning anymore. ”*

“…This is a vivid example of his sudden maturation and ability to focus on another person well enough to engage in conversation. He has NEVER done this before and I KNEW that the On Task was working as I sat across from him watching him act like a big boy and making me so proud.”*

“*** is doing fantastic with on task. We just placed our return order. I have several friends who have placed orders as well…Blessings to you, your family and business.”*

“They have been working out WONDERFULLY for my son! He has been off his RX Meds since starting the on task! Its so great!! Thx!”*

“He knows that these vitamins helped with curbing his desire to snack all day as well as helping him to stay focused and alert when necessary. We know it too, and will not lapse in keeping a supply on hand. Thank you for your product and for helping other kids get things in order and stay on task, naturally. :)”*

“My daughter has her two boys on it and they are doing incredible.”*

“I’d like to set up a reoccuring order because we love On Task Naturally and we need to make sure we never run out!”*

“I’m noticing a difference. The tics are better. I really appreciate you!”*

“He was taking PSAT’S and it was the first time on the vitamins. He told me later how focused he felt! Without me asking!”*

“I just have to tell you how incredible your product is. You have changed our son’s life! He was taking meds and the side effects were horrible, he wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t sleep. Now, he is so happy and engaged in everything, school, sports, he is completely self-managing. He is more social, it’s affected every single aspect of his life. He comes home from school, starts his homework on his own, tells me when he’s finished.  I don’t have to do anything.  It’s just kind of dreamy.  Thank you so much.”*

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